Still Crazy After All These Years

pharis-jason-romero-2015-smIn one form or another, the Old Type Music Society has been promoting live music, dances, and workshops for almost 5 years. Our home base was the Clawhammer Gallery in downtown Fernie, but since the big move in April one of the most common questions I get is “Will you guys still be doing the live music?”. The short answer is YES! We are working on sourcing appropriate venues for our fall/winter concert series, but we are already booking some amazing acts. More information will be available once we sort out those venues.

For now, we are putting our energy into getting the word out about GillBilly. This will be our first annual pickin’ and fly fishin’ workshop and festival right here in the Elk River valley. Turns out, all our musician friends also love fishing, so we thought why not combine the two passions and make a weekend of it? We are starting small but hope to expand this into a bit of an event and bring more music to the valley. Find out more about Gillbilly here.

As we get more information about upcoming concerts, we’ll put them on our Concerts page so keep that bookmarked for future reference.

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