After almost 5 years of promoting performing arts, the OTMS has established a fairly rigid routine of who, when and how we book our acts. Please read below carefully as we won’t respond to requests that don’t fit our mandate.

  1. Our goal is to promote bluegrass, old-time, and acoustic music. We have booked solo acts as well as ensembles of up to 5 people. We don’t typically book acts that are touring with a drummer as our venues and sound reinforcement are not designed to handle those volumes.
  2. We typically offer an 80/20 split of the door to artists with a guaranteed minimum. Usual guarantees are $300-500 depending on the number of people in the group and other factors including time of year and track record of the group. We are happy to work with individual groups and managers to come to an agreement for specific circumstances outside these arrangements.
  3. The OTMS runs our concert series from October through April. We do not book acts between mid-April and late-June, or in December. In July & August we occasionally take on acts traveling from festivals but prefer to refer them to the Wednesday Downtown Concert Series run through the Arts Station whenever possible.
  4. The OTMS can provide lodging (billets or hotel depending on circumstances) as well as supper on the night of the performance.
  5. Value added incentives include letterpress-printed posters by Clawhammer Press for the show, with souvenir copies provided to each member of the band. See our gallery for examples.
  6. The OTMS will also work with local media, social media, and our mailing list to make sure each group is welcomed by a warm audience. Typical attendance is 45-70 attendees.

If you have any further questions, or would like to discuss a performance, please contact us for more information.